Темний Рай

Waldemart Klyuzko

He lives and works in Kyiv and New York. In his work, he is focused in installation, photography, land art, street art, video art, performance and experiments with space. In the process of art objects creating, the author uses non-standard approaches and materials and also works with the space, turning it into an art object. In addition to arts and crafts, he is engaged in research and curatorial activities. Waldemart Klyuzko has completed a number of successful projects, including: Eccentricity and Expression. Ukrainian Avant-Garde Scenography, Kurbas in Kyiv (jointly with the Museum of Theater Music and Cinematography of Ukraine); Kurbas in Kharkiv (Yermilov Center) and a large-scale mega-exhibition Kurbas: New Worlds (Art Arsenal).

Since 2009, he has been a co-organizer and curator of the GOGOLFEST Multidisciplinary International Festival of Contemporary Art. He is a curator of special projects of the STARTUP GOGOLFEST Festival of Contemporary Art. In 2019, he created a ballet of port cranes for the Nero Opera in Mariupol, at the Azov Shipyard, was the conductor and choreographer of forklifts, directed the floating dock, submersion. He was a technical director and producer of the special event for Insurgent DniPROmetheus Side-Specific Project in the metro shaft during the DniPro GogolFest festival in Dnipro city. In 2016, he created Beautiful Chernobyl Exposition Project based on the materials of the State Scientific Center for the Protection of Cultural Heritage from Man-Made Disasters. The exhibition was shown at the Art Arsenal (Kyiv), as well as in Polish cities of Poznan and Warsaw.

He is a founder and member of the Pinholiero Banditos Artistic Association. The group combines photography with science, turns objects into a pinhole camera and creates unique images using a trolleybus, bus, tractor, buildings, as well as guitar and piano instruments. In 2019, for the project of the Chornobyl 33 Artifact Residence, the group turned the TA-68 landline into a camera and photographed the Chornobyl 2 radar on a pinhole. In the same year, the Sarcophagus object made of piano was created - a pinhole camera made from a musical instrument, and if anyone comes inside then it was possible to see how the world turns upside down, a digitized version of the project was presented at the MADATAC media art festival in Spain in 2020. From 2015 to 2019, he worked as a senior researcher at the Museum of Theater, Music and Cinema of Ukraine.

He is a resident of YARA ARTS GROUP Artistic Association at the LaMama Experimental Theater (New York). Together with YARA ARTS GROUP, he created the design for Crow (2011) and Dream Bridge (2012) performances based on poems by Oleg Lyshega, Fire, Water, Night, based on the themes of Forest Song (2013) Winter Night (2012) and Winter Light (2014) based on the themes of the Nativity Play and Hutsul carols; Captain John Smith is going to Ukraine (2014); Deep Dreams (2013-14) and Towards the Stone Bottom (2015) about the war in Ukraine; Dark Night, Clear Stars (2014-16) about the meeting of Taras Shevchenko and Ira Aldridge; and 1917–2017: Tychyna, Zhadan and the Dogs (2016–17), and GAZ Opera (2018–19). Since 2020, he is a curator of exhibitions of contemporary art at the the Bukhanchuk Museum of Fine Arts, Kmytiv, Ukraine.