Темний Рай

Oksana Barabash

1973, Sunzha city, Ingushetia

Master of ritual bread, researcher of traditions, expert of natural nutrition.

In 1973, after completing studies at Grozny State Technical University of Oil, parents of Oksana Barabash moved to Chornobyl and worked at Chornobyl nuclear power plant. So Oksana spent her childhood between Sunzha city in Caucasus and Smyga village in Dubno district of Rivne region.

The acquaintance with dough and herbs happened when she was eight years old. The grandmother from father's side shared her knowledge and experience of working with the oven and the traditions of baking festive bread and sweet pastries. Oksana started to persistently explore the traditions of baking bread, the customs of making festive bread, healing rituals with the use of bread, grains, and sourdough in 2007. She develops her own whole-grain sour dough, recreates ancient recipes and creates author's recipes for whole-grain bread. She participated in rituals of korovai baking in Polissia in Rivne region. Oksana develops author's recipes based on sour dough made of whole grain with herbs and wild plants. In 2009 Oksana Barabash traveled through all regions of Ukraine with her master classes and still conducts them today. She took part in a research expedition to Chornobyl in 2021.